Training & Implementation

Cube Healthcare endorses a phased implementation practice. This progressed implementation tactic allows the client to gradually gain a level of ease with the application. The first phase highlights rationalization workflow procedures and billing. The second phase enhances the physician’s part in the implementation of electronic clinical documentation. To simplify the training and implementation procedure, a devoted project manager will interview you and designated followers of your staff to collect information about the training, management grace and workflow in your office. Finest practices or methodologies will be endorsed by the project manager and will be altered according to the needs of your office and the individual users. A modified plan is then generated based on mutual timelines, accurate milestones and benchmarks to certify a efficacious implementation. Upon accomplishment of the initial training, the project manager will monitor up through bi-weekly phone calls to certify that the practice is exploiting the application properly. The project manager is always available outside of the bi-weekly phone calls to support the staff with any issues that may arise. The project manager is also responsible for system examination as each phase changes into a live location.

Training is accompanied by physicians and clinicians. The physicians have knowledge in training clients in various spheres. Moreover, our training and implementation staff will provide detailed vision based on practice workflow. Every training phase is distributed into multiple assemblies. Preceding to beginning the training process, the Cube Healthcare team colonizes the databases with the client’s information. Once the databases are occupied, the training staff will initiate working with the front desk & front office staffs as phase one of the implementation. In equivalent to this training, the Cube Healthcare clinicians will activate to support the physician(s) with amending and developing templates based on their clinical likings. Upon accomplishment of phase one training the practice will go live with the development portion of the application. The clinical staff will begin using e-Prescribing, electronic charting and lab tests integration gears. Preceding to implementing the modified templates, the Cube Healthcare clinician will appraise and alter templates before recommencing the clinical portion training.

Within the procurement of the application, the client obtains all the necessary education securities through their project manager, i.e., user manuals and FAQ’s. The education insurance can be provided electronically or through hardcopy. Furthermore, the above-mentioned documentation can also be accessed through the software through the Help menu option, which is modernized occasionally by every new announcement.

Cube Healthcare proposes a varied series of healthcare IT services that is concentrated on achieving the premium level of customer contentment with its inclusive set of medical software products and management elucidations. Healthcare professionals would entail well-organized consumption of possessions, technological progression and justifiable development. Cube Healthcare proceeds vanity in proposing the best services for medical practices of all types and sizes; counsel them on technologies suiting to their organizations and supply with suitable Training & Maintenance.

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