Privacy Policy

Cube Healthcare is the physician's e-business partner providing essential business services to physicians and their performs. Cube Healthcare escalates the intimate environment of physician-related information not inadequate to, but including private, patient, and internet connected operation information. Cube Healthcare has generated this privacy policy in order to validate our firm commitment to the accessible confidentiality and safety of physicians and other operators.

At any time you succumb or adapt your information in Cube Healthcare, we will refer such information over the Internet using Secure Socket Layer, version 3 (or other later versions) (SSL) encryption technology. The information you succumb to Cube Healthcare will be deposited on a distinct server as an additional security protection. Though, we do not permit or signify that the information you submit to Cube Healthcare will be endangered against damage, misappropriation, or modification by third revelries.

Excluding as set out in this paragraph, Cube Healthcare will not reveal to unaffiliated companies any data it folds from you which could be used to classify or contact you (Physician Information or Practice Information). Any Physician or Practice Information provided to objects allied with Cube Healthcare will be preserved in accord with the rapports of this Privacy Policy, except you are then informed.

In the succeeding partial conditions we will deliberate, and may issue, Physician or Practice Information to third parties:

To conform with legal supplies such as a law, regulation, search warrant, compel or court order; or

In exceptional cases, such as a physical menace to you or others. We might also provide Physician or Practice Information to our retailers and providers where it is necessary for them to provide us with products and services related to healthier process and preservation of our web-site ("Retailers").

We will endeavor to necessitate that each of these Retailers not auxiliary use or reveal your Physician or Practice Information for any persistence other than providing us or you with products and services. Certainly, we cannot pledge their acquiescence with these margins.

Cube Healthcare may deliver material about you which does not permit you to be recognized or communicated (Cumulative Information) to third parties. For instance, we might notify third parties concerning the number of users of our site and the events they mien while on our site. Liable on the conditions, we may or may not custody for this data. Please note that you are accountable for captivating all sensible stages to guarantee that no illegal person shall have entree to your Cube Healthcare password or account. It is your solitary accountability to switch the broadcasting and use of initiation codes and passwords;

Approve, screen, and control entree to and use of your Cube Healthcare account and password;

Punctually notify Cube Healthcare of any necessity to deactivate a password. You give Cube Healthcare and all other persons or units involved in the operation of the Cube Healthcare web-site and Cube Healthcare the right to obtain, convey, screen, recover, hoard, and custom your Physician or Practice Information, including information which may be honored and intimate under appropriate state and centralized laws, in assembly with the action of Cube Healthcare. Cube Healthcare cannot and does not undertake any responsibility or obligation for any information you succumb to Cube Healthcare or your or third parties' use or misuse of data conveyed or acknowledged using Cube Healthcare.

Cube Healthcare needs your Physician and Practice Information to endure as safe as sensibly possible. That is why we have a bilateral system at Cube Healthcare that syndicates foremost mechanical defenses and a code of conduct for those employees that are legalized to contact our clients' personal information. On the nominal side, Cube Healthcare uses SSL to help guarantee the reliability and confidentiality of the Physician and Practice Information you provide to us via the Internet. As a supplementary safety ration, your Physician and Practice Information is also kept substantially separate on a separate server where your password is encoded and stowed in a databank. On the operative side, only official Cube Healthcare employees are legalized to access your Physician and Practice information. All Cube Healthcare employees must stand by our Privacy Policy and those who interrupt our Privacy Policy are theme to punitive deed, up to and including dissolution.

This privacy statement smears only to the Cube Healthcare web site. The Cube Healthcare site might comprise acquaintances to other sites. Please be attentive that Cube Healthcare is not responsible for the privacy applies of such other sites. We inspire you to read the privacy statements of each and every web site that gathers personal or practice data from your side.

Cube Healthcare may modify this Privacy Policy at any time by relocating amendments to our website. Your use of the site institutes reception of the necessities of this Privacy Policy and your sustained procedure after such variations are dispatched organizes acceptance of each reviewed Privacy Policy. If you do not settle to the terms of this Privacy Policy or any reviewed policy, please exodus the site instantly.

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