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Email on your own domain

E-mail with Cube gives you lots of advantages. Get an e-mail account that is protected against viruses and spam. Create email addresses on your very own domain. You can even create as many email accounts as you like without extra costs. Why not give your entire family or your associates their own personal and permanent email address?

A permanent email address

An email address on your own domain is a permanent address that is independent of your Internet service provider and completely free of advertisements. By registering your own domain you get a lasting email address that is very suitable to make your name or company name stand out online. Email on your own domain gives you optimum exposure on the Internet, so that the people around you can easily reach you.

Email hosting with no restrictions

By choosing Cube service your domain and mail, you are always free to switch to another hosting provider if you wish. We register the domain in your name and the right to use the domain remains yours as long as you want. You are free to take your domain and email addresses to another webhost. Having your own domain provides you optimal conditions to get the email service that best suits your needs. Get rid of disruptive advertisements in your emails and focus instead on what really matters to you.

Free transfer and unlimited email

At Cube free transfer is an integrated part of our service. How you choose to organize your web space is up to you. For example you are free to use all the space for email, and even our smallest web space provides space for a very large amount of mail.

Easily create email

All you need to get your own email address is a web space with a domain name with If you do not have a domain name yet, you can easily find an available domain using the domain search tool at the Cube front page. Then, with just a few clicks register a domain name and, soon after you will be selecting your email addresses.

Access your mail box from anywhere

It can be annoying to be unable to check mail when you are away from your own computer. Therefore, a web space with Cube always includes webmail hosting. By reading your email via webmail, you don't need to install an email program on your computer. Instead, simply open a browser on any computer with an internet connection, go to the Cube website and click Webmail. Type in your password to access all your received and sent emails. It is as simple as that.

Advanced webmail with calendar and address book

Webmail offers much more than a flexible way to read your email everywhere. Cube Webmail gives you an address book with an overview of your contacts. Furthermore it comes with a built-in calendar that makes scheduling a breeze. The extra features enhance ease of use without affecting the speedy load time. Functionality, design and performance in the address book and calendar come together and is on par with what you typically experience in email programs like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Ad-free webmail with lots of space

Webmail is the ideal solution if you want to get the maximum out of your time. With webmail you are available to your network and have unlimited access to your mail wherever you are.

Check your webmail anywhere

Webmail allows you to access your mail from any computer with Internet and a standard Web browser, for example Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. Check your mail at work, on vacation or anywhere you are - without installing a mail program on your computer.

Ad-free email with lots of space

The most common way to read emails is by using an email program such as Mozilla Thunderbird, OSX Mail or Microsoft Outlook. Accessing mail from other computers than your own can be useful in countless situations.

Online calendar

Webmail at Cube also gives you an electronic calendar that is always available to you via the Internet, stored securely and covered by daily backup. The calendar provides you with easy access to create appointments and schedule your day.

Webmail with built-in address book

Using the built-in address book, you are sure to always have your contacts within range. With email addresses, phone numbers and addresses collected in the webmail, you can always get the contact information you need - wherever you are.

The Cube calendar makes your time management a breeze. The online calendar is an integrated part of Cube’s web hosting solutions and available to all customers with a web space, domain and email at Create appointments with just a few mouse clicks in your personal online calendar.

Calendar with an abundance of configuration options

The Cube calendar has an interface that is quickly learned. You can view your calendar in English or another of the supported languages if you prefer. Create multiple calendars in different colors so you always have a complete and clear overview of your appointments. You can choose between viewing a single day, a week or a whole month at a time.

Easily export and import appointments

It is easy to subscribe to other calendars, so that they appear in your own calendar. If you already have an electronic calendar, you can import it into the online calendar using the widespread .ics format. Use also the possibility of automatic repetition of recurring appointments, and make a calendar publicly available with a single click.

Built-in mail and address book

We have combined the webmail with a calendar and address book in a single password-protected solution. This makes the calendar a flexible and secure tool that supports your productivity, utilizes your time optimally and streamlines your communication.

An online address book brings all your contacts together in one place. They are not lost even if you are unfortunate to lose your phone or your computer. Create an overview of your network, and manage your contacts safely and easily with an address book at The Address Book is integrated with your email and calendar, so you have the best possible opportunities for managing your time and communicating with your contacts.

Integrated address book, calendar and mail

Just like a calendar or an address book, email has become an indispensable tool for time management. Cube has combined email, calendar and address book in an advanced and easy-to-use webmail. The webmail that is available to all our customers is much more than just being able to read email in a web browser. Webmail with Cube is a user-friendly tool for effective use of time in a busy world.

Safe and available

By storing your contacts and your calendar online, they will always be available to you from any device be it an iPhone, a laptop or a tablet computer. Furthermore, your data is stored in the safest possible way, protected by automatic backup. To maximize security, the webmail is encrypted. This means that no one can intercept confidential information from your account.

Keep track of your contacts

The address book helps you keep track of your network contacts in a simple way to keep all your contacts within your reach. All you need is an internet connection to access your own personal directory. That way you will always be able to easily find the up-to-date contact information whenever you need it.

Unlimited email accounts

Unlimited email with your own domain at Cube provides numerous advantages. You'll get an email address with antivirus and spam filter. Moreover, a quick webmail with calendar and address book, free choice between IMAP and POP3 mail and unlimited transfer to the domain.

A permanent email address

Registering your own domain gives you a permanent email address including for example your name or business name. It gives you a permanent identity in the digital world, which means that people will find it easier to get in contact with you. The domain remains your property as long as you renew your subscription, and your email accounts will be unaffected by switching Internet service provider.

Freedom of choice

Choosing Cube to host your email does not mean that you cannot switch to another hosting provider if you want. We register the domain in your name and it remains yours as long as you renew the registration. You can always transfer the domain and email addresses to another webhost. By having your own domain, you have the best chance to get just the email service that suits your needs. Without advertisements in your emails you can concentrate on what has value to you.

Unlimited transfer and email

At Cube unlimited transfer is an integrated part of the webhosting solution. The only limit on how many messages you can store at a time on the web space, consists of the hosting package you have chosen. Even our smallest hosting provides space for a very large amount of mail.

Easily access your email from any device

Being away from your computer and unable to check mail can be bothersome. All web spaces with Cube includes a webmail service that lets you receive and send mail from any computer connected to the Internet. By checking mail via webmail, you do not need to install an email program on your computer. Instead, you simply enter the Cube website and click on the webmail link. After entering your password, you can access all your received and sent emails, just as if you were working at a computer with an email client such as Outlook.

High Performance webmail with calendar and address book

Webmail at Cube offers a flexible way to check your mail everywhere. What's more, Cube’s webmail includes an address book with an overview of all your contacts. It comes with a built-in calendar feature that makes your time management a breeze. All in all, the webmail has a functionality, a design and a performance on par with email programs like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Your email accounts at Cube are equipped with virus- and spam filter. The virus filter protects your mail against virus and the spam filter keeps your inbox free from junk mail. The filters are automatically updated every hour so that they always provide optimal protection against the latest versions of viruses and the most current spam threats.

Customize the spam filter for your needs

The spam filter works on a point system that you can set so that it matches the types of emails you receive. The spam filter can be set for an individual email address or for all email addresses on a web space.

At Cube it is entirely up to you how you want to use mail. With webmail you are guaranteed to always be able to read and send mail, regardless of which computer you are online from. Choose IMAP for flexible access to all your sent and received mails, select POP if you just want to have your mail in one place.

Choose a mail service for your needs

Select your preferred way to use mail on POP3 or IMAP. POP3 (often just called POP) is an abbreviation for "Post Office Protocol" and IMAP stands for "Internet Message Access Protocol." Both ways have advantages and disadvantages. Generally, we recommend using IMAP mail.

IMAP for safety and convenience

Choosing an email setup with IMAP at, keeps a copy of all your mails on the mail server. In case your hard disk crashes or your computer gets stolen, you will not lose valuable data. Cube’s backup protects your mail against almost any risk, one can imagine.

IMAP keeps your inbox in order

When reading email using IMAP, your email client saves a local copy, but leaves a copy of the mail on the server too. The mail is kept there until you delete it, so your inbox always looks the same whether you look at it e.g. from your smartphone or your computer.

Store an extra copy with IMAP

It's always a good idea to keep identical copies of the same data in different places, in case there is a technical breakdown. IMAP protocol automatically saves a copy of all emails locally on your computer and on the server. If your hard drive breaks or your computer is stolen or damaged, you would risk losing all the messages you have saved locally. But with IMAP they are still safely stored on the server.

Access all your mail on multiple devices

Maybe you already use email on your mobile phone. Cube gives you easy access to your IMAP mail accounts from both Windows, Linux and Mac computers as well as from the iPhone, iPad and most smartphones. With IMAP, all your received and sent mails are always within your reach, no matter what device or what platform you use.

POP mail

If you choose to use POP to retrieve your emails, the email is deleted from the server when you download your mail. This means that the local copy is your only copy of the email. POP mail can sometimes be an advantage. POP uses bandwidth more efficiently than IMAP, which may be advantageous for slow Internet connections. Furthermore, POP provides no limitations on the size of your Inbox.

Change email program or computer effortlessly

Maybe someday you choose to switch from Apple Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird or the other way around. If you use POP mail, it means that you cannot easily transfer your old mail archives into the new mail program. With IMAP, any change of email program can be made in just a few minutes and it is easy to download all your mail from the server without any hassle.

Your website

Once you have an idea for a website, you want a full web hosting service that puts it on the Internet without delay. You don't want the trouble of organizing your site with different companies and through different channels.

It's less prudent, for instance, to search for a domain name with one company's tool and register the name with another. It's also costly if you have to buy website creation software to build your site and pay for web hosting on top of this.

You may then have a further problem when you come to upload your site to your web host. If the software doesn't match the host's requirements, uploading can prove time-consuming and difficult.

A full web hosting service makes the process of setting up a website and publishing much easier. You can search for a domain name with the host and register it when you've found the name you want. You can then use the host's software to create your website.

When you've finished, you can publish the site on the Internet with just a click because the host's servers recognize the website creation software.

Finally, with a full web hosting service you can edit your website easily and quickly.


Cube gives you a web hosting service that offers all these integrated features. There is no loss of quality, and you get a great site in the shortest possible time. You also have plenty of extras. These include unlimited email accounts, a virus- and spam-filter, a gallery, and daily backup for your data. This is exactly what a full web hosting service should be.

Cube Cloud Services

Access your files anytime... anywhere with Cloud Drive

Sync, backup, share and access your files and folders from multiple places on your PC, Mac and your mobile devices. If your laptop breaks down or your phone goes for a swim, no matter what happens your files are safe with Cube Cloud Drive.

Everything included:

  • Free apps
  • Sync any folder on your computer
  • Certainly not worry about trailing data again

Cube Cloud Drive - All your data in one place

Cube Cloud Drive is the industry's only solution of its kind, which is powerful enough for business use and at the same time easy to use for everyone. Take advantage of automatic sync and online backup with Cube Cloud Drive's built-in version control. Benefit from advanced file management options and utilize Cloud Drive for online collaboration or sharing movies and photos with family and friends.

All your data in one place

Cloud Drive is the new and easy way to store, edit and share all kinds of data. Currently, your data might be scattered in different places, in computers and in your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. With Cloud Drive you can bring all information together in one solution that gives you unlimited mobile access.

Share documents, movies and photos

Cloud Drive handles all types of files, for example documents, spreadsheets and presentations from Microsoft Office or pictures.

Stream music and movies to your iPhone or Android phone

Stream your music collection to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. You can also upload images directly from a phone or a tablet computer. Your data will then be instantly available to anyone you choose to share it with. Be the first to surprise your friends, family or colleagues with your holiday experiences in film and photos while they happen.

Designed for iPhone and Android

Cube’s app is optimized to handle, store and share all types of media files, photos and movies on the iPhone, iPad or Android telephones. The app has all the features you could want from a cloud-based service. Meanwhile, the app is easy to use and pleasing to the eye, whether you're using an iPhone, iPad or an Android phone.

Replicated data centers

Data security is a top priority for All data in Cloud Drive is protected by Cube’s safety systems, which involve data replication with 2 data centers through redundant dark fiber and the market's most secure firewalls. There are always at least 2 copies of the same data on different physical locations. If there is a crash in the main server room, a backup server will take over the operation very shortly.

Encrypt and password protect your data

Cloud Drive can be set to automatically encrypt your data and you decide who should have access. Any exchange of data between devices and Cloud Drive is secured via SSL connections. So you can confidently and safely use Cloud Drive for online backup in real time.

Recover deleted files

With Cloud Drive, you can recover previous versions of your data even if you have accidentally deleted them.

Online backup in real time

Protect your data with online backup in real time. Cube Cloud Drive continuously saves and synchronizes your local data with your online backup. While taking backup of your data, you can continue your work undisturbed.

Automatic data protection

Cube’s automatic online backup works quietly in the background. Just add or change the files you want to synchronize. Then, the current backup will run automatically without you having to think about technical settings of any kind.

Stay safe from computer crashes

Automatic online backup means that even if you're unfortunate to lose a computer, an external hard drive or a USB stick, there will be no loss of data that you have stored in the Cloud Drive. There will always be an identical copy of your data stored in Cube Cloud Drive. When you save a file locally on your computer, it is also stored in the Cloud Drive and serves as a backup. It is as simple as that.

Safe and easy to use backup

Cube backup combines the industry's highest safety standards with optimum usability. Your backups are stored in your own encrypted and password-protected Cloud Drive. All data transfer between your device and Cloud Drive is secured via encrypted SSL connections. Online backup at Cube is fast and easy and requires no special skills.

Sync data automatically across your devices

Synchronize and collect your data in one place. Cube Cloud Drive synchronizes your data and makes the latest version available to you regardless of where you first saved it.

Synchronize your devices

With Cloud Drive you open, manage and share your files from any device with an internet connection - e.g. an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, a PC or Mac computer. Using Cloud Drive is like collecting the contents of all your computers, tablets and smartphones in one device that you always have access to. Sync data automatically and quickly across devices. All kinds of files and folders are synchronized easily with Cloud Drive. Cloud Drive's version control ensures that the latest version is always available to you and that you can restore previous versions if you want.

Overview of your data

Get an overview of the status of your synced data. Cube Cloud Drive provides access to File Viewer, where you add the folders you want to synchronize. You can also easily restore a file if you want to undo a change or deletion.

File Viewer shows you whether a particular folder is in sync, or whether you must first synchronize the folder to have access to it everywhere. Sync can be paused and resumed, just as you can easily designate which folders you want synced between the devices.

Take the synchronized version of your data with you anywhere. Whether you're at home, at work or traveling – Cube Cloud Drive ensures that the current version of your files is always at hand.

Share photos and other files with family and friends. Make spreadsheets and text files available to colleagues and others. Cube Cloud Drive has made sharing easier, faster and safer than ever before.

Share your photo albums online

Cube makes it easy for you to share your photos exactly as you want. By assigning a few simple permissions, it is entirely up to you who has access to your shared albums. Online photo sharing happens in a few clicks and you can easily stream your photos for display on an iPhone/iPad or Android phone.

Create public links for sharing

With Cube Cloud Drive, it has become easier than ever to share information. Generate a sharable link for each of the files you want to share. Send the link to the one you want to share it with. By clicking on the link you can view and download the contents of the file. When you have created a folder in Cloud Drive, the recipient can click the link and access the shared resource only a few seconds later.

Secure sharing of your data

With Cube’s cloud-based sharing solution, you can easily encrypt and password protect your data. All files are protected by Cube’s firewall. Our replicated data centers use redundant black fiber connections and all data is transferred via secure SSL connections. Use Cloud Drive to sync files on your PC or Mac computer and obtain extra security for your data.

Access your files anywhere

Cube Cloud Drive lets you play your music collection on an iPhone/iPad or Android phone, regardless of where you've stored your media files. Access your documents, spreadsheets and photos regardless of time and place.

Always access to the latest version

Cube Cloud Drive has version control and synchronizes your data, so you always have access to the version you last changed.

Mobile access when you're on the move

Take advantage of the fact that your data is always available. Take a picture or record a movie with your mobile and share it online with your friends directly from your iPhone or Android device. You can also easily transform your smartphone into a mobile office. Manage, edit and share spreadsheets, documents and presentations with your colleagues when you are away from your workplace.

Designed for Android, iPhone and iPad

The Cube apps for Cloud Drive are tailored for the platforms and devices they are running on. This means that whether you use an iPhone, and iPad or an Android smartphone, you will experience a user-friendly functionality in an uncompromising design.

Mobile access to your data from iPhone and Android

Access your data from your iPhone or Android phone

Cube Cloud Drive makes data, files and folders of any kind that you have on your computer available to you everywhere. Access all your data directly from your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.

Upload movies and photos from any device

Share easily and quickly your own photos and video clips with friends and family directly from your phone. Let your movies and photos tell your story while it happens!

Stream your entire music collection to your iPhone or Android device

Now you can have your entire music collection with you without having to select and transfer the songs manually. Stream all your favorite music directly to your Android phone or iPhone and access your MP3 files directly from your phone or tablet. Download Cloud Drive apps for iPhone or iPad at or in the App Store.

Integrated into a powerful hosting solution

All Cube cloud-based services are integrated into a strong and thoroughly tested web hosting solution that has proven its worth through continuous product development since 2002 and today serves more than 1,000,000 customers with domain, website and email.

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  • Unlimited personalized e-mail addresses
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