Electronic Practice Management

Cube Healthcare is offering an advanced Electronic Practice Management Solution for hospitals, billing companies and practice groups all over the nation. We are automating the entire process of billing, claim processing and task management and thus saving your costs. Our main aim is to streamline the operational process and thus increase your revenues. We take care of your clinical as well as administrative process.

Case Management

Cube EPM maintains records of every medical case from the initial stage till the end. It also verifies the completeness of each record.

Electronic Claim Submission

Our efficient online claim filing system simplifies the whole claim management process by eliminating strenuous data entry task, reducing redundancy and removing inefficient data management.

Claim Status Tracking

Keep track of your claims from the claim filing step till the claim recovery. Our clients can also get notification regarding all the major case activities.

Denial Management

Our system efficiently recognizes whenever any claim is denied and it and keeps the record of all denials for further processing.

Aging Management

Reduce your Account Receivable delays significantly by posting the payments electronically. Manage the work log and notify the collectors when the account becomes due.

Reports Generation

Detailed analytical reports of hospitals generated at the end of the month give you complete overview about performance.

HIPPA Compliant

We care about your information security; Cube EPM is fully compliant with HIPAA standards. Your data is in safe and secure hands.

5010 and ICD-10

Cube Healthcare has the vast knowledge about the industry standards and keeps on updating themselves. We follow latest regulations including 5010 and ICD-10.

Advance Eligibility Verification

Our advance Cube EPM provides a quick way to verify patient’s eligibility in advance and check the status of the claim.

Payment Posting

Cube EPM has a system to receive electronic payment details and then smartly relate it to patient accounts.

Claim Scrubber

We offer thorough and extensive analysis of patient’s eligibility record, authorization and then carryout the billing accordingly.

Online Helpdesk/ Telephonic Support

Cube Healthcare comprises of team of industry specialists to assist you at every stage. Customers can submit their queries through online helpdesk or through telephonic call to our representatives. Our team reviews all requests and ensures that the issue gets resolved in no time. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Keep Track & improve performance

Our advanced reporting system gives you full visibility, lets you keep track of your performance and highlights your strong and weak areas. Our team guides you at every stage to peak performance.

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Save your cost and resources involved in labor intensive task of manual data entry. By automating practice management process, it’s just a matter of few clicks.

Faster Payment, Less Hassle

Now leave the hassle of claims tracking, Cube EPM lets you get paid more and faster. Our experienced specialists make sure that your medical billing claims get paid in no time. Our recovery rate is efficient and off the charts when it comes to getting optimal reimbursements for our clients.

Total Transparency

Our entire process is very transparent and gives you complete control you’re your data.

Why Cube EPM

  • Claim Status Tracking
  • Denial Management
  • Aging Management
  • Reports Generation
  • Advance Eligibility Verification
  • Payment Posting
  • Claim Scrubber
  • Online Helpdesk/ Telephonic Support


  • Keep Track & improve performance
  • Increase Productivity & Efficiency
  • Faster Payment, Less Hassle
  • Total Transparency
  • Electronic Claim Submission


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