Electronic Health Record


Cube Healthcare professional go leaps and bounds to provide you with the smart EHR systems that cover all patient care requirements through an electronically managed process.

Cube Healthcare solves the problem of having a complicated process for managing medical records. Our EHR system is equipped with 360 degree process check systems that not only converts the raw data about the patients in a systematic electronic health record sheet but it also enables you to access patient’s health information and provides superior decision making tools. It encompasses the combined benefits of EMR and Practice Management Solutions. Cube Healthcare ensures a sustainable patient care process that eliminates your cost operations that you have to spend on various vendors.

Now using our unified Cube EHR system that correlates with practice managements and RCM services you can easily access and manage all data and information with proposed solutions on a single platform. Cube Healthcare promises and delivers the ultimate solutions for the patients that guarantee health care and patient’s support of the most premium quality.

Efficient, advanced and easy to use Cube EHR delivers complete information and proof based knowledge where and when required – facilitating swift, informed and effective decision making while improving care quality, practice performance and patient knowledge. Our approved web technology and integrated approach to service delivery enable progression of care management and information sharing across multiple platforms, systems and organizations - driving greater collaboration, productivity and safety. Decreasing intellectual overload, supporting unique workflows and clinical approaches - Cube EHR’s specialty specific, template-driven, point and click technology enables accurate, complete and faster encounter documentation. Cube EHR facilitates decision making, streamlines operations and ensures compliance with industry standards and best practices, ultimately maximize value and returns by saving time and effort.

Appointment Setup

Now set an appointment with your physician through programmed appointment setup feature in Cube EHR.

Call Reminder Services

Lessen the non-attender rate by sending appointment alerts and call reminders in advance of time.

HL7 Standards

Cube Healthcare takes data from digital bases and then assemble it using HL7 standards.


Cube EHR computerizes physician order entry process, brings up-to-date information about the patient record, automate billing process and support Physician Quality Reporting System. Using CDSS technology we are providing diagnosis assistance to our patients.

Drug Allergy Alerts

We are providing supervision to our patients at every level by sending them spontaneous alerts.

Billing/Copay/ Pay Online

We deliver complete solution of financial management and keep pathway of payments made and pending. Our advance system upholds updates about medical transactions and manages co-pay choice.

ICD-10 ready

We follow latest rules and regulations in the industry. Now we are ready for ICD-10.

Patient Education

We care about patient’s health thus we facilitate them by giving healthcare advices and instructions.

E- Prescription

Sending prescriptions electronically is the smart way to reduce time, paper and other costs associated with manually writing prescriptions. With Cube healthcare e- prescribe Deluxe, your practice can streamline operations while better serving patients.

Clinical Decision Support

Cube EHR Solution provides profound view of the patient’s administrative, medical and financial information thus helping doctors and physicians in decision making. The built-in feature creates a connection between health records and medical alerts and coding calculator.

Security, Privacy and Data Encryption

Cube HealthCare is compliant with HIPAA and HITECH, thus we ensure that your data is secure.


Our patient-centered health system creates a two way interface through which all the major lab companies streamline their processes and make comparison by electronically ordering and receiving labs.

E&M Coding

The built-in E&M coding optimization functions help maximize third-party payments, eliminating missed charges, ensuring compliance and accurate service level billing.

Why Cube EHR

  • Streamline Patient visit
  • Increase accuracy and completeness of documentation
  • Get the highest ROI
  • Receive Meaningful Use Incentives
  • Receive PQRS Incentives
  • Receive eRx Incentives
  • Reduce Transcription Costs
  • Improve Coding
  • Maximize Collections
  • Reduce Duplicate Orders
  • Decrease Risk of Medication Errors
  • Decrease Insurance Costs


  • Accelerate Revenue Cycle
  • Reduce Cost
  • Decrease Risk
  • Enhance Service Quality
  • Facilitate Collaboration
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Higher User Adaptability


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