Electronic Data Interchange


With EDI services you can enhance your information management systems no matter which healthcare institute you are operating in.

Effective under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA), Cube Healthcare offers the EDI services for all its clients. We provide them an optimized solution that can be utilized within every size of healthcare institution. Cube EDI enhances the functioning capabilities of institutes like insurance companies, clearing houses and health care providers by automating the entire patient statement process.

The unique attributes of Cube EDI clears out any misrepresentation of information, because of the centralized nature of codes and electronic language within the system. Due to these features the denial rate goes to a bare minimum whereas the turnaround ratio of claims goes higher. Hospitals can achieve sustainable financial rewards and remarkable results through the accuracy of claim processing, efficiency of entire workflow.

Some of the prominent features of Cube EDI include:

  • Electronic claims Submission
  • Electronic Claim Processing
  • Patient’s Appointment reminders
  • Claims status reports
  • Pre-treatment authorizations
  • Electronic eligibility verifications
  • Automatic posting of electronic remittances
  • Electronic Payment Processing

Approve your restrained staffing resources and prepare to reach new levels of quality care, manage ICD-9, ICD-10 and 5010, and earn what you deserve – with Cube EDI

By securely moving electronic data from your Cube Healthcare System, our Cube Healthcare experts can help you simplify Clearing Houses and complex business tasks and achieve sustainable financial rewards. Best of all, once services are completed, your system is updated.

Achieve remarkable results with claims processing accuracy, productivity, and financial performance, including: fewer A/R days, faster payments, improved cash flow, and reduced claim errors and resubmissions with our complete suite of sophisticated technology and proven services.

Curtail appointment no-shows without sacrificing hours of staff working duration.

Cube EDI downloads your appointment schedule from your Cube Healthcare system and contacts all scheduled patients using automated voice reminders.

  • Select from a variety of standard messages or create your own
  • Choose how far in advance your patients are contacted
  • Confirmation reports issued automatically include the number of busy signals, confirmed appointments, requested reschedules, and failed attempts

Analyze probable problems before the patient encounter to reduce rejected claims, save valuable A/R days and maintain a high standard of patient-focused care.

As it’s unified with Cube Healthcare systems, Cube EDI can electronically submit eligibility, referral and claims status transactions to insurance companies, allowing you to quickly determine eligibility and coverage information.

  • Verify insurance eligibility by batch or in real time
  • Check referral and claim status in real time
  • Status reports issued automatically after verification
  • Reports detail eligibility, co-pays, and deductibles
  • Eliminate a root cause of bad claims
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming manual accessions

Enhance efficiencies and eliminate phone line connections by processing real-time Clearing House Card, Debit Card, and ACH payments electronically with Cube Healthcare Integrated Payment Processing Services.

  • Patients can have an option to view current statement and make payments 24/7 through the network
  • Easy enrollment – no contract term or software to establish
  • Patient-centric option for payments accelerates patient responsibility assemblages
  • Reduces paper statement costs and increases capital

Diminish the rework and rebilling of electronic claims with CHC Real Time Clearing Houses (RTE).

Electronic checks and balances ensure compliance; transparent updates ensure accuracy. The current financial payer and CMS rules are automatically incorporated into your Cube Clearing Houses including LCD/NCD, NCCI, OCE, and MU.

Cube Healthcare has played a major role in helping to develop standards. We employ highly talented and skill oriented Clearing House personnel, including a manager of interoperability and standards, to ensure our products are at the cutting edge of standards-related enterprises.

  • Take in your location profile and payer rules with dynamic Cube Clearing Houses
  • Reduce rejected claims ratio
  • Enhance claim legality
  • Lessen days of outstanding A/R
  • Personalize Clearing Houses to fit your practice urges
  • Always use the latest ICD-9, ICD-10, and CPT code ports

Raise your revenue cycle through successful electronic claims transforming.

Cube EDI works with the most innovative and reliable clearinghouses to help transform electronic claims submissions into payments.

For usual procedures, this means end-to-end integration, smooth implementation, ongoing support, and consolidated billing, while providing assurance that industry and payer claim submission changes will not take your practice by surprise.

  • Demands are curtained for incomplete or missing data before submission to the Clearing House
  • Reduce rejections and remediate rejections quickly
  • Easily track claims and payments
  • Speed up payment turnaround times
  • Leverage advantages of increased cash flow
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities

Avail real-time access to Cube Healthcare analytics; compare your practice’s metrics against other similar practices at the state and national stage.

Addressed measurement of what matters most to your practice or hospital workflow means you can manage it for advancement.

By Insight Reporting™, you access the same technology used by CMS and insurance carriers (payers). You benefit from the industry’s largest ERA, ERN, and EOB database/index.

  • Confine the sources of consistent denials
  • Track reasons behind claim denials
  • Compare code usage to reduce risk
  • Analyze utilization and productivity

Bargain over your contracts intelligently, recover previous underpayments from payers, and ensure payment accuracy via Cube Clearing House.

  • Strong dashboard benchmarks performance and monitors contract compliance and denial flows
  • Reduce the cost of dispute resolution and denial recovery
  • Very easy access towards the generation of appeal documentation
  • Appeals and denial management can be done in a very less time

From design to distribution, Cube EDI automates the entire process, reducing labor and printing costs associated with in-house production of patient statements and other patient correspondence including: appointment reminders, budget and collection letters, practice announcements and holiday greetings.

  • Easy-to-read paper or e-statements and create professional
  • Customize with your practice’s logo
  • Create personalized message areas
  • Apply automatic USPS address verification
  • Ensure prompt delivery of all statements
  • Reduce A/R days and advance payment

Why Cube EDI

  • Easy-to-read paper or e-statements and create professional
  • Customize with your practice’s logo
  • Create personalized message areas
  • Apply automatic USPS address verification
  • Ensure prompt delivery of all statements
  • Reduce A/R days and advance payment


  • Instant Submission of Information
  • Time & Cost Effective systems
  • Minimizing the paperwork and eliminating possibilities of human errors
  • Instant error notifications
  • Automated error and bug removal systems
  • Plummeting data loss and redundancies
  • Optimize revenue cycle


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