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Cube Electronic Data Exchange System (EDEX) is creating a liaison between clients and approved vendors. We are automating the long strenuous process of reaching the required information and providing instant access to relevant data. Now clients can easily request and receive the summary of their cases and continuously remain updated throughout the progress of cases.

Cube EDEX maintains a central database of all cases in Electronic Adjudication Management System and clients can get notification alerts for all the major case activities and hearing notices. We ensure data security using encryption techniques and transmit data electronically through reliable SSL communication protocol.

Cube EDEX is an intermediate that bridges the need of information flow among Cube Healthcare Exchange approved vendors and their clients. The details of cases in Worker’s Compensation Appeal Board and the summary of individual worker are accessible through Cube EDEX. Information brokers are considered to be approved vendors of Cube EDEX in order to have an authorized access to the data bank of former and granted credentials along with necessary IT specifications to have EDEX installed for their use and client’s assistance. Now EDEX comes with benefits that save time, cost and provide quality in the processing of Lien allegations.

Cube EDEX is certified vendor of Division of Workers Compensation in California and is equipped with up to date technology, expertise and experience in the Lien Management Industry. EDEX is an improvement of an automation in the billing industry by allowing the exchange of data DWC data among its consumers.

Cube EDEX provides a reliable and effective platform for the exchange of data among its clients. Division of Workers Compensation doesn’t hold responsibility for the safety of data therefore Cube EDEX has developed its own control mechanism that guarantee’s the protection and accessibility of client’s specific Cube EDEX data. The software provided by Cube EDEX provides extensive interface to the Cube EDEX and offers various data management controls that help in meeting client’s requirements.

Cube Edex has introduced the leading upside of using EDEX i.e. automation of Lien Claims processes. Significant reduce in time and energy has been observed unlike paper based processes congenic. The electronic data transfer enhances efficiency with increasing accuracy. The shift towards electronic processes and resulting automation reap significant cost accumulations.

Why Cube Edex

  • Automation of Lien Claims processes
  • Paperless environment
  • Reliable and effective platform
  • Various data management controls


  • Enhances efficiency
  • Increasing accuracy
  • Significant cost accumulations
  • Automation reap
  • Saves time and energy

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